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Advocating for Your Child's Needs | Private School


This bundle is great for both Parents and Educators! The information is helpful for Parents and Guardians who have a child with a Disability or diverse needs attending a Private School and for Educators who work in Private Schools serving students with diverse needs. This training bundle is available through our Online Training Subscription: The bundle includes: *3 Video Sessions - Building Stronger Partnerships, Defining True Inclusion, and Setting Inclusive Goals *Free Downloadable Worksheets - Outlining Foundational Beliefs, Inventory of Goals, and Creating Sample Goals *Educator Talking Points for all 3 Video Sessions *Video of Our Expert Panelists' Q&A The presentations were part of a live Zoom series that was available in monthly sessions during the Fall of 2022. The series provided strategies for how to work within the framework of private schools to advocate for a child's needs effectively; key talking points for Educators to collaborate with Parents; and provided a space to get take-away strategies and answers to frequently asked questions through a panel of Parent/Educator experts. All series aspects are available through this bundle, including free downloads that provide templates for Goal Planning.


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