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Our Trainings

We offer a variety of educational trainings across many different categories. Our trainings are all individualized to meet the needs of the organization and its professionals that we serve. We offer trainings in Classroom Management and Leadership; Inclusive Classroom Supports; Behavior; Conflict and Crisis; Social-Emotional Learning; and Disability Advocacy. If you'd like to find out more about our training offerings or get a training scheduled, click the button. 

Some of Our Training Topics

Disability Awareness

Participants will learn foundational concepts and terminology in providing access in ministry or educational settings for those with varying abilities and needs.

Executive Functioning

Participants will learn about executive functioning skills, such as self-regulation, working memory, organization, time management, focus, and metacognition. Staff will be provided strategies to promote the development of these skills within the classroom. 

Developing Social and Emotional Skills

Participants will learn developmentally-relevant social and emotional skills, as well as the inclusive strategies that support the practice and improvement of these skills. 

Understanding and Supporting Behavior

Participants will learn the foundations of managing unexpected and challenging behaviors, as well as proactive strategies to prevent challenging behaviors from escalating.

Crisis and Trauma-Informed Support

Participants will learn concepts in preventing and navigating conflict, how trauma impacts both those serving and those being served, and how to de-escalate situations that have escalated. It is strongly recommended that staff requesting this training complete a full Crisis Prevention and Intervention Certification. To learn more, click the button

Classroom Management

Participants will learn the key concepts and strategies of a classroom that promotes functional inclusion, proactive efficiency, and strong and supported learners.

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