Crisis Prevention &
Intervention Certificate

Teacher and Student

This 2-Day Training focuses on healthy relationships and the dignity of students and staff while providing a strong foundation of crisis prevention, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Participants will be equipped with the proactive strategies to build healthy relationships and prevent escalation. The training includes a technical portion where staff will learn how to respond during crisis. This training is intended for staff who are working with people who may experience escalation or crisis. 



Building Healthy Relationships, Communication and Conflict Resolution



Assisting, Supporting, Separating & Restraining


Conceptual *

Trauma Informed Services and Positive Behavior Support

*These topics are optional


*Discounts offered for large groups*


When Booking, select 2 dates to your preference. If needed, other dates can be coordinated individually with our Director. You will not be charged for Booking. Payment is due after the second day of training is complete.