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Noah's Ark Sensory Walk

Noah's Ark Sensory Walk


Noah's Ark Sensory Walk includes floor and wall decals to help with movement breaks, self-regulation, and focus!


The pack includes a Guidebook on using a Sensory Walk, durable Decals that stick to any surface but won't leave residue behind, and directions for applying decals to any School or Ministry space. This pack is great for Homes, too!


Choose from 4 Different Color Schemes:

  • Black & White - Black and White Decals Only
  • Rainbow - Each Decal is a Different Color of the Rainbow (ROYGBIV) - becuase it's NOAH! 
  • Royal - Teal, Magenta, Light Purple, Amber, etc. 
  • Realistic - Orange Tiger Paws, Gray Elephant Feet, Brown Monkey Hands, Black Bear Paws, etc.)


A Sensory Walk is an awesome movement opportunity for kids who need to emotionally refocus, get the wiggles out, or have a quiet space to move. The self-paced walk follows a guided visual path, typically found in a hallway or a classroom, with which kids can interact.


    Decals Included:

    • Wall Decal of Ark
    • Elephant Print Decals with Stomp Decal
    • Monkey Print Decals with Reach Decal
    • Tiger Print Decals with Slow Decal
    • Number Decals (2, 4, 6, 8) with Count Decal
    • Kangaroo Prints Decal with Hop Decal
    • Bear Print Decals With Push Decal
    • Bird Print Decals with Tiptoe Decal
    Choose A Color Scheme-See Description for Details

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