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Statement of Faith

The Trinity

We believe in the Trinity. We believe in One God in three persons - all powerful, all knowing, and all present everywhere.
Father: Creator of Heaven and Earth who made us in His image and called us to be children and heirs by sending His son for the redemption of our sin.
Son: Jesus Christ, only son of God. Became fully human while fully God to fulfill the promises of the old testament, redeem the sin of Adam and Eve, and make a way for us in Heaven.
Holy Spirit: Third person of the Trinity alive and working in us. Revealing God to us continually through the word of God and the Holy work of the church.

Sin & Redemption in Christ

We believe in Christ's redemption on the cross for our sin; His resurrection into Heaven making a way for us to have the opportunity of Salvation; and His ascension to the right hand of God as judge. We believe that we must continually confess our sins, make acts of repentance, and live a life for God and aligned with the teachings of Christ in order to be chosen for Heaven after our death and enter into a community of saints.

The Church & God's Word

We believe in the Church as the Body of Christ and a meeting place to experience the living God. We believe in the inspired Word of God within Scripture and revealed to people over time.

Human Dignity

We believe in the dignity of the human person. We believe that each person's life is valuable from the moment it is created until natural death. We believe that each person is created as an unrepeatable image-bearer with a soul to love and honor God and that every person will deal with sin as a part of our fallen nature. We believe that disability is a part of the beautiful uniqueness and diversity of people.

As an organization, we make a strong commitment to the faith-based organizations we support in our work and mission at Witness to Dignity. We commit to honoring the values and beliefs of the organizations we serve, which includes refraining from advocating for activities that contradict those beliefs. 

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