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Learning, Processing and
Other Differences

Girl with a bow in her hair and hearing aid thinking

Some learning and processing differences:

  • Specific Learning Disability

  • ADHD

  • Dyslexia

  • Visual Processing Disorder

Characteristics of ADHD


•Misses details

•Easily distracted

•Appears not to listen when spoken to

•Difficulty remembering things


•Difficulty starting/finishing tasks

Diverse Kids Running outside


•Frequently fidgets/squirms

•Gets up frequently

•Talks a lot (external processor)

•Quick temper/emotional reactions

•Acts/speaks without thinking

•Difficulty waiting

The beauty of ADHD/ADD is that a person has many different interests and skills, which can be great for leadership

Processing or Learning Difficulties:

boy lying on grass with a book

The beauty of processing difficulties is that it often produces extremely creative and very intuitive thinkers

General Characteristics

•Learning or Maintaining Info

•Difficulty Demonstrating Comprehension

Characteristics of Dyslexia:

•Difficulty comprehending Reading/Language

•Difficulty processing what he/she hears

•Difficulty in spelling

•Difficulty in understanding one or more subjects (math, reading, writing, etc.)

•Difficulty in demonstrating to others his/her knowledge

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