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Providing Access to the Faith

Making sure that Disability Ministry is just as accessible to the people serving as the people being served.

After a strong nudge from the Holy Spirit, Witness to Dignity was formed in 2018 to ensure that Disability-Inclusive practices became standard in faith spaces. Witness to Dignity is a collaborative effort of people with the expertise and experience to make meaningful and lasting change in Churches, Ministries, and Private Schools. 

Diverse group of children praying

Our Story

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Uniting a passion for faith and inclusion

We equip and empower clergy, staff, and volunteers to serve people with diverse needs and abilities effectively in churches, schools and other faith-based organizations. We help you develop skills and strategies without maxing out on time or causing a strain on resources.

Our mission is to help you have the confidence and capacity to serve those with diverse abilities in your place of worship. Our team has years of experience in both ministry and education. We are experts in helping you elevate inclusive practices for people with disabilities without putting a strain on your time or resources. From one non-profit to another, we will meet you and walk (or wheel) alongside you. 

Advocating for Access

We have the resources you need to take your ministry further.

  • Autism

  • Emotional Health Impacts, such as Anxiety, Depression. Mood Imbalances, etc.

  • ADHD

  • Down Syndrome and Other Syndromes

  • Physical Disabilities

  • ​​Cognitive or Processing Impacts
  • Deafness or Hearing Loss

  • Vision Loss

  • Learning Disabilities, such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, etc.

  • Medical Conditions

Boy with Down Syndrome Playing with Blocks

Meet Our Team

Ashley Arominski headshot. Ashley is a white woman with long straight dark hair, a beauty mark, and a teal top.

Ashley is currently a Campus Minister at a Private High School in Alabama. In the past, she has worked as a Youth Minister in urban, suburban, and rural settings in various cities on the East Coast. One of her passions is experiencing music, art, and culture in a space of creativity through the lens of faith, truth, beauty, and goodness. 

Ashley Arominski

Board Director

Ashley Shuler headshot. Ashley is a black woman with braids pulled back into a bun, glasses, and earrings wearing a white collar and black blazer.

Ashley is a Project Lead for Policy within the Federal Government, runs her own Consulting Business, and serves on the Board of various humanitarian organizations. She enjoys coaching people in growth, getting organized, and creating structure so they can have freedom. She lives and attends church in the DC Area. One of her passions is providing resources, access, and community to underrepresented populations, especially those who have been incarcerated. 

Ashley Shuler

Board Director

Brittany Crumbling headshot. Brittany is a black woman with a natural blowout wearing hoop earrings, a beaded necklacek, and a beige top.

Brittany works as Program Manager of Connected Schools in her local school district, where she focuses on supporting the whole child in various community resources. In the past she has worked as an Elementary and Middle School Counselor and MTSS Lead. She owns a home and attends church in the DC Area. She is active in her faith and won Bible Scholar when she was in High School! One of her passions is advocating for students by consulting with teachers, staff, and administration to promote school community. 

Brittany Crumbling

Board Director

camera placeholder image

Evan is a husband and father of two living in North Dakota. He and his wife are both passionate about education as she is a Montessori Educator and he works for a growing University in promotion and advancement. Evan has a heart for people and human stories. He is a joyfully contagious conversationalist, which is likely to land him on tv again someday. 

Evan Baker

Board Director

Irene Viorritto headshot. Irene is a white woman with medium dark curly hair wearing gold dangle earrings, gold necklace, and a teal top.

Irene has been serving in youth ministry for over 2 decades in a variety of settings as a teacher, parish youth minister, and as a Girl Scout. Having grown up with arthritis, she is passionate about making her community a more accessible and welcoming place for everyone, especially young people.  She lives with her husband and teenage daughter in western Tennessee and enjoys making rosaries and jewelry in her spare time.

Irene Viorritto

Board Director

camera placeholder image

Jerome lives and works in Orange County, California. He is a LCSW working as a team lead in a hospital setting and doing private practice part-time. He is passionate about helping the whole person. Jerome also has a passion for old school 90s R&B and is the best at car Karaoke. He loves to travel, live healthy, eat good food, and is becoming a Jiu-Jitsu champ. 

Jerome Jumawan

Board Director

camera placeholder image

 Patty is a daughter of God, a wife, mother to 2 boys, caregiver, and full time teacher for high school students with moderate/severe special needs. She has been teaching for about 15 years in California. She has a BA degree in Special Education from Franciscan University of Steubenville and an MA in Special Education from Cal State L.A. Her passion for individuals with significant special needs stems from having a younger brother who has Cerebral Palsy, an intellectual disability, and other health impairments. 

Patty Telles

Board Director

Sarah Schmitt headshot. Sarah is a white woman with brown hair and bangs wearing glasses, hoop earrings, and a black blazer.

Sarah (Korfonta) Schmitt
M.Ed.; Certified Crisis Trainer

Executive Director

Sarah is an Educational Consultant, Speaker, and Professional Development Trainer. She has been a Consultant/Coach for just short of a decade and a Disability-Inclusive Educator for years prior to that. Sarah completed an undergraduate degree at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and a Master's at George Mason University. She started her career by helping found and start a private school for Autism, where she lead the efforts of starting the inclusive preschool program. Sarah has worked and volunteered in various roles in education and ministry for 20 years. Her experience in ministry ranges widely in various work and volunteer roles, as well as, various types of ministry from youth ministry to liturgy and worship. She lives in central Virginia with her husband, Adam. One of her biggest passions is advocating for disability accessibility so that everyone can experience true community and belonging.

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