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a girl stacking blocks with letters on them

Some Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Difficulty with Socialization/Communication

•Reciprocal relationships

•Verbal/non-verbal communication

•Eye contact, body language

•Social cues


Perseverative Behaviors

•Repetitive movements/gestures/speech

•Fixed interests

•Ritualized behaviors

•Hyper-/Hypo-active sensory input or output

“Visual thinking has enabled me to build entire systems in my imagination. I value my ability to think visually, and I would never want to lose it.”
~Temple Grandin

boys with developmental disabilities hugging and smiling

Some cool things about being on the Autism Spectrum:

Like all people, those on the Autism Spectrum all have different personalities, interests, and degrees of success with activities.

  • a strong internal processing

  • dive deep into details and logic

  • great memory 

  • very compassionate, non-judgemental and extremely loyal

  • become experts in their interests

  • made some of the most significant achievements for the world in science, technology, agriculture, and more

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