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What is Autism Awareness All About?

World Autism Awareness Day is coming up tomorrow, April 2! The whole month of April is dedicated to awareness about this disorder. So why do we spread awareness on this day and throughout the month of April?

a child making patterns with colored pieces of paper

It's about compassion. There is often a misconception that people with Autism are incapable of showing love or communicating well. Some even use Autism as an insult for others who seem weird (this is obviously super wrong). We are all unique and unrepeatable. What we each have to offer the world is so beautiful, including the things that are difficult for us. Let's keep the conversation focused on that!

a turtle made out of green, teal, and purple wooden puzzle pieces

It's about inclusion. As we develop more awareness and understanding of our brothers and sisters with Autism, we often make assumptions that they don't want or can't have meaningful relationships or participate in social activities the way others do. True inclusion is everyone being recognized for who they are and getting to experience and access everyday life in the best way they can. When we focus on what is best for each person, we all win!

an asian mother and daughter hugging and smiling

It's about connection. Autism is on the rise and has been for the last fifteen years. Currently, 1 in 59 children has an Autism Spectrum Disorder and those kiddos grow into adults. What that means is that it isn't just something you have heard of-it is your neighbor, your classmate, or your own family member. Spreading awareness helps us to strengthen the community for all of us who love someone with Autism!



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