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Classroom Focus Kit
  • Classroom Focus Kit


    Classroom Focus Kit provides Teachers or Volunteers with the tangible tools to create a calming and sensory-accessible space for all students. This Kit is a great Resource for Teachers, Counselors, Ministers, Other Staff or Volunteers working in:

    • Private School Classroom
    • Sunday School
    • Kid Ministry
    • Youth Ministry
    • Disability Accessible Ministry


    Classroom Focus Kit Includes:

    • "Let Your Light Shine" Canvas Bag
    • Noah's Ark Sensory Walk Pack
    • 30 Novelty Fidgets
    • 30 Finger Fidgets
    • Textured Breathing Visual Stickers
    • Laminated Visuals of Varying Sizes with Option for Keychain or Velcro
    • Laminated Signs and Tip Sheets
    • Seat Cushion (Optional)

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