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Disability Education Training Bundle

Want expert strategies for supporting people with disabilities without having to get a degree?

Looking for easy-to-implement resources that align with the faith?


We know as a teacher, your base level of functioning is *overwhelmed*, *exhausted*, and *stressed*. 


Our Disability Education Training Bundle is for you! You get 4 training videos that you can watch whenever fits your schedule AND loads of additional resources! 


These videos and resources won't add to your plate. You will feel empowered and equipped to support any type of learner in your class. In fact, these resources are so good, we think it's worth getting the bundle just for these free downloadable goodies!


All 4 videos and the supplemental resources are just $29. The whole bundle is valued at over $100, which means that you get a 70% discount!

When you sign up for our

Disability Education Training Bundle, you get free support and coaching from our Staff.

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Our Disability Education Training Bundle is for teachers, instructional assistants, and others working in Private Schools or Faith-Based Education.


Each training in the bundle is super digestible to maximize on time and includes easy-to-implement strategies to instantly become a more disability-accessible space!


The focus of this bundle will be on disability support in a general classroom but can meet the needs of students in any setting. The bundle covers the following topics:

  • A Disability-Accessible Classroom Framework

  • Behavior Essentials

  • Data Collection

  • Preventing Escalation


Just $29 for 4 Training Videos and Loads of Resources! Get access to this training bundle by clicking the button below!

*Valued At: over $100 for the whole bundle,

currently over 70% off*

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